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About me

Hey there,

I'm a student at the University of Giessen, Germany. I love playing Magic myself, not really one of the original Magic players since beginning. Played some Magic during my childhood and rediscovered it about 5 years ago via MTGO. Since then I never stopped playing and trading. Basically I generated my collection out of 13€ (around17$). Also once after christmas I bought 4 Wastelands because it was an extremely good offer, turned out it was too good of an offer, the guy I bought it from via paypal did something illegal and my account got frozen by Wizards. Luckely Wizards believed me after seeing my Paypal bill and I was allowed to keep my 4 Wastelands for just 200$ :), shouldn't trade an offer that suspicious, damn short.
After reaching around 1500$ worth of collection with trading and drafting I started using a bot. I know how mean it could be to spend a lot of credit on different Bots, because many of them got there traps. I wanted to create a bot which trades all cards at fair prices. I have to pay a fee for each trade the bots make and have to set my prices by percent for each card type (Mythic,Rare...) so it's difficult to offer the best price every time. But I normally can offer being in the upper part of the first Wikiprice page. That's also where you get linked by using my card/edition search, so I'm not responsable of what you see there. Especially for Boosters and some other cards I can offer extremely good prices because I buy smart and you can profit from that. Of course I try to make my own profit, but to do so I try to buy while prices are low, so I can offer you cheap prices after these cards got expensive again. That's my idea of a fair bot, Just_Fair_Bot.

About Me
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